Zypad WL1500

Latest generation wrist-wearable computer

The Zypad WL1500 is a wearable computer that gives users access to immediate information without sacrificing mobility. It is designed for instant access to computing capabilities while the wearer is carrying out tasks in the field. Featuring hands-free operation, robust wireless capabilities, and built-in GPS tracking, this versatile wearable computer serves as an ideal tool for a range of applications and markets.


  • Support for several communications protocols
  • QVGA display
  • 12-key Keyboard
  • Wide temperature range
  • Long battery life


  • Medical
  • Industrial
  • Transportation
  • Defense
  • Homeland security

I/O Interfaces
The Zypad WL1500 features USB host and client ports, a MicroSD port, touchscreen and audio. An integrated microphone and mono-audio speaker as well as audio-in capability using a 2.5” audio jack make this a very versatile unit that supports a range of popular multimedia and interconnect options.

Communications Protocols
The Zypad WL1500 supports WiFi, Bluetooth, and cellular, giving users reliable access to information at all times. In addition, an integrated GPS antenna allows for tracking such as required in fleet and inventory management.

Easy-to-read Display
The QVGA display comes with touchscreen, backlight, and ambient light sensor for easy viewing.

Barcode Reader Support
For applications such as transportation or inventory management, Eurotech can integrate a 1D/2D barcode reader with view and capture capabilities directly onto the Zypad WL1500 for easy access and use.

Long Battery Life
With the Zypad WL1500, the user can hot swap the battery without the fear of losing data and can also charge the battery using the USB port for additional flexibility. The battery life can easily support operation for an entire 8—hour shift.

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